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Set Sail - I’m Yours / Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live)

Sounds like: Jinja Safari, Jason Mraz

Damn Sydney! How do you keep raising choice bands in your lovely city ¿ Regardless of that and regardless of whether or not you liked Jason Mraz’s original version of ‘I’m Yours,’ Set Sail have done a sterling job reimagining the pop/reggae song live on a street that I venture daily. It’s pretty bad luck on my behalf for missing this performance considering that I’ve been spending almost a good hour every day going back and forth on Swanston St for months, but I should count my blessings.

On another note, almost everything about this group is likable. The animated playing style of the violinist, the bohemian procession arrangement and the carefree energy of the lead vocalist. According to a friend who caught a spontaneous free gig of theirs, Set Sail went traveling around the world instead of knuckling down to polish off a debut album, so fans of their music will have to be content with the EP they released before taking flight.

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