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Everything Everything - Arc (James Rutledge Album Remix)

In a world where a song is remixed every minute, remixes of this scale are rare. James Ruledge had an idea to remix Everything Everything's new album into “one coherent track that retained the emotive punch and some of the thematic threads that run through Arc.”  

There are some particularly powerful moments in this sprawling 6 minute track. At 1:40 the progressive build heightens and changes up the melody. The 4:00 point onwards, starting with a simple piano break and quickly launching into an epic soundscape.

The vocals are heavily distorted and depending on how openminded you are, some may find the persistently morphed singing off-putting. But all in all, James Rutledge has achieved his vision. It’s good that he hasn’t lost sight of what he loves after winning Remixer of the Year in at the MPG awards in 2011.


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