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Squarepusher - Port Rhombus

There is an odd sense of serenity I get when I listen to this frenetically paced drum & bass track.

Perhaps it is most evident when the breakbeat percussion switches pace, or when the ambient elements overtakes the frantic speed of the beats. Either way, this song from British DJ Squarepusher manages to wake me up at the same time it lulls me in to a state of relaxation.

This track was released in 1996 but Squarepusher is still around and making music. His back catalogue spans a range of different IDM styles and he is due to release his latest offering Ufabulum on May 15th.



DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World 

Today I’m going to feature an absolute classic song by one of the world’s greatest DJs, DJ Shadow. Midninght In a Perfect World sounds exactly as the title suggests. He released the first ever album that was entirely recorded using only samples from other songs. The 1996 LP Endtroducing frequents lists of the greatest albums of the 20th Century and with good reason. It is a sonic masterpiece that sounds vaugely familiar to first time listeners due to the vast range of samples used.

Rather than detailing his several accomplishments, I’m just going to allow you to be alone with your own thoughts as you listen to DJ Shadow's sampling, blending and production mastery.


(Source: thatonerecordstoreguy)