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Brolly - Wolfe

American four-piece Brolly have captured our attention for their blissful new single Wolfe. The track is lifted from their EP of the same name, which is due for release on September 23rd.

The harmonies of the band, alongside the small choir, make for an easy listen. This track is recommended for fans of Boy & Bear and Other Lives.



Other Lives - For 12

I know I’m a little late discovering this band, but if you haven’t heard their music before, then you too are in for a treat.

The band have a distinctly American folk sound similar to that of Edward Sharpe and Local Natives as well as sharing vocal comparisons and song structures akin to Boy & Bear andMumford & Sons.

But while other bands may share similarities with Other Lives, the group definitely has enough prowess to command its own fanbase. The layering of pianos, vocals and orchestration make For 12 a haunting, otherworldly listen - maybe this is the effect the band was going for with the photo. If this is the case, then Other Lives have certainly pulled it off, maybe at the expense of spooking off a few potential fans. I’m sure that most folk loyalists will not be scared away so easily.


Download - For 12 (control-click & save)