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Apparat - Sweet Unrest

This track by German DJ Apparat is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

It builds layer upon layer but it still maintains a mellow wordless ambience. 

Sweet Unrest is the opener to Apparat's eighth and most popular album, The Devil’s Walk. The album was voted iTunes’ electronic album of the year for 2011 and it is well worthy of a listen.

For fans of Tycho and Mountain Range.

Photo credits to Peter Quinn.



Porcelain Raft - A Dream I Had

Enchanting and eerie - Mauro Remiddi’s moniker Porcelain Raft has earned these titles. Especially in the case of this trippy number.

The echoing keys changes the mood several times in this song. It’s a track I’ve selfishly been enjoying for a few months now and it’s high time to spread the word about A Dream I Had. 

My personal favourite lyric in this song -

even the moon one day will fall”

Download - A Dream I Had (right click & save)