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Horrorshow ft. Jane Tyrell - Cigarettes Will Kill You

Ahh, this is a beautiful cover of Ben Lee’s original version. The Sydney duo teamed up with labelmate Jane Tyrell to serve up this stunning rendition. I think its hard not to be drawn into the sweetness of Jane’s voice, or be left unmoved by Solo’s singing. They are just as amazing live. I’d gladly see Horrorshow or Jane perform another 2 times in a heartbeat. Just listen to those harmonies! Anyway, if you enjoy this as much as me, their label Elefant Traks have made this track available for free download here. So do your ears a favour and click the link. I’ll let people decide which version they prefer…


Ben Lee - Cigarettes Will Kill You

Ben Lee is an iconic Australian musician whose music has changed in the past few years to mixed reviews. His last three albums were decisively uber-positive, but this song I’m featuring is over ten years old and still sounds so relevant. Ben is a talented musician and this song proves his songwriting skills. This song featured on the first Ill Chill Pill mix I made back in 2005, or was it 2004? Either way, I like it. You can decide for yourself after you take a listen.

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