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The Eclectic Moniker - Going to Paris

I’ve been deliberating over which song to feature next from Danish group The Eclectic Moniker after posting about¬†2 Officers¬†in August. I’ve finally decided on this one. Going to Paris is catchy and upbeat and makes you feel like you’re in a tropical climate no matter the weather outside. Their music sounds a lot like Vampire Weekend and in many ways the bands aren’t too dissimilar. Head over to their Bandcamp site for more music.

The Eclectic Moniker - 2 Officers

This group hails from Denmark and despite singing about tidal waves and monsters, this song still an overall carefree, sunnyday feel about it. This group made their debut release this year in January and I have an inkling that they are just getting warmed up.

Note: I know this isn’t much of a video but the original audio source was deleted! I’m sure you’ll still enjoy :)