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Hurricanes - Say You’re Mine

For fans of Noah And The Whale and Set Sail.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the music made on your doorstep when you’re searching far and wide for music. That’s what happened to me until I stumbled upon the Hurricanes, a six piece group from Adelaide. The indie pop song features some radio friendly harmonies and a sweet message.

The group have just released a three track demo EP and judging from the quality so far, there will most definitely be an audience and a demand to hear more from this promising band in the near future.

Download - Say You’re Mine


Lighthouse And The Whaler - Venice

The track reminds me of the types of the violins of Ra Ra Riot, the glockenspiels of Freelance Whales & the vocals of Set Sail.

Recently I haven’t heard any new bands that have grabbed my attention. That was of course, until I came across Lighthouse And The Whaler, a quartet (minus 1 in this pic) based out of Cleveland, USA. 

I’m not sure I can technically classify the group as “new” considering they have played over 200 shows, having opened for the likes of Sufjan Stevens, The Temper Trap, The Dodos & Best Coast. But Lighthouse And The Whaler remain relatively unknown (although I expect that to change). Their new album This is An Adventure is due to be released on September 18th.



Interview with Set Sail

Set Sail are a band based out of Sydney who have an irrepressible upbeat sound to their music. The trio are known for their city busking shows and their combination of violin, guitar/uke and makeshift percussion at such performances. Set Sail are on the verge of releasing their debut mini-album on June 15th and have just premiered the lead single Charleston today. I had a quick chat with Josiah from the group.


Q1: I understand you’ve been busy gallivanting around Europe. What have you been doing over there?.

Josiah: Hey! We got back from Europe and the US last September actually, we had a mad time over there travelling around filming guerilla shows. Played in an old spy base, under the Eiffel Tower, on a plane, heaps of places. Super budget trip (we ate rice for a solid month haha) but great fun.


Q2: You are working on your debut album. Tell us a little about it.

Josiah: It ended up just being a mini-album, it’s got a much more developed and less radio-pop sound than the last one. We wanted to explore some more classic sounds and arrangements for some of the songs, definitely has some Beach Boys influences on some of the songs. The process has been hectic, we started demoing last December and have been working solid since then, we’re very excited to finally be releasing it!


Q3: Do you have any favourite songs on the new record?

Josiah: I quite like ‘Kids’


Q4: I’ve seen videos of you playing on the streets in Melbourne and Sydney and there seems like there’s a lot of positive energy at your shows. Do you prefer playing in venues or outdoors to unsuspecting crowds?

Josiah: That’s a tough question, the vibe is so different between them. I’d have to say I love doing both, it’s mad fun hanging out at the street shows but the energy of the shows at places like Oxford Art Factory or the HiFi in Melbourne is pretty incredible as well.


Q5: What 5 artists have you been listening to lately?

JosiahGrimes, Balam Acab, Django Django, Broken Social Scene & Calvin Harris

Thanks again to Set Sail for the interview and keep an eye out for upcoming shows and their mini-album Hey! which will be released June 15th in Australia.


Set Sail - Skin And Bones

Set Sail have released a new track today that is available for a free download from their Bandcamp in exchange for your email address.

Recorded in Stockholm, Skin and Bones is a song full of sentiment, strumming and some violin too. The band also announced via their Facebook page that their debut album is due to be released on May 25th. People who are new to the group should expect to hear a lot more of the Sydney trio as I anticipate they have the kind of accessability and potential to gain mass appeal.

To hear the song live check out the group’s Tumblr page.



Set Sail - I’m Yours / Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live)

Sounds like: Jinja Safari, Jason Mraz

Damn Sydney! How do you keep raising choice bands in your lovely city ¿ Regardless of that and regardless of whether or not you liked Jason Mraz’s original version of ‘I’m Yours,’ Set Sail have done a sterling job reimagining the pop/reggae song live on a street that I venture daily. It’s pretty bad luck on my behalf for missing this performance considering that I’ve been spending almost a good hour every day going back and forth on Swanston St for months, but I should count my blessings.

On another note, almost everything about this group is likable. The animated playing style of the violinist, the bohemian procession arrangement and the carefree energy of the lead vocalist. According to a friend who caught a spontaneous free gig of theirs, Set Sail went traveling around the world instead of knuckling down to polish off a debut album, so fans of their music will have to be content with the EP they released before taking flight.