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Lotus - Orchids

Not a second is wasted in Orchids.

The track begins with a melancholic riff that quickly evolves into a fast-paced instrumental rock song. Things switch up to a slower pace and off-beat drumming at the 1:15 mark before launching into a full-blown and ambitious orchestral piece.

It is difficult to imagine funk, post-rock and classical could combine together so beautifully on Orchids, but that is precisely what Lotus manage to do on this punchy three and a half minute piece.

PS. The Album Leaf knows what’s up! For fans of their work, check out their remix of Orchids below.



The Album Leaf - We Need Help

Jimmy LaValle aka The Album Leaf makes some of the most relaxing electronic music I’ve ever heard. Based in San Diego, California, LaValle has been making music as The Album Leaf for 10+ years.

Lately things have been quiet since 2010’s A Chorus of Storytellers LP was released. The album wasn’t one of my favourites but LaValle has a large catalogue to choose from and there is tranquility to found in just about all of his work.

We Need Help was taken from The Enchanted Hill EP. Compared with his other work, this tempo is relatively upbeat while the keys and give an atmospheric nature to the track.

Download - We Need Help


Mountain Range - With Skates

Twinkling, glitchy and ambient.

Every song on the Mountain Range's new EP A Heart Upon rewards the listener with lush soundscapes - But perhaps none are as immediately gratifying as the opener With Skates

I could spend a good 1,000 words describing the enchanting elements of the music, but I don’t think they could do it much justice. In the end you really need to listen to the track yourself to get a proper understanding of how an mp3 file can glimmer and come to life in your speakers as you listen.

I have such confidence in this song that I began writing this piece halfway through my first listen. This one is going to be on repeat for a while to come. Visit Leeds based musician Mountain Range's bandcamp where you can name your price for a copy of the EP.



American Analog Set - Hard to Find

I’m not really sure if this group is still making music together, but they haven’t released anything since 2005.

Regardless, this song is my personal favourite of the group. The song just rambles and sprawls on and on. There is no competing for attention by the instruments, you can tell that this band works as a cohesive unit and their music really reflects that.

Let the song relax you and here's a link to the mp3


The Album Leaf - Red Eye

This is one of my favourite songs from The Album Leaf.

Red Eye is an instrumental track and it is difficult to describe what makes this song special. Have a listen and allow the music to massage your brain. This song reminds me of Tuscany where the afternoon twilight lasts for hours on end. Enjoy.