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Highlife - F Kenya Rip

New Yorker Sleepy Doug Shaw (of White Magic) started a sideproject named after the west-African genre ‘highlife’.

F Kenya Rip was taken from Highlife's debut EP in 2010. Shaw creates a vibrant soundscape with sunny harmonies, Afrobeat percussion and of course glorious guitar riffs. Shaw remains relatively faithful to his obvious African influences and they shine best on F Kenya Rip.

Afrobeat and highlife music has definitely made a revival in modern indie music and it’s great to hear artists like Shaw paying homage to a lively style of music we otherwise might not have heard. 

Download - F Kenya Rip


The Eclectic Moniker - Going to Paris

I’ve been deliberating over which song to feature next from Danish group The Eclectic Moniker after posting about 2 Officers in August. I’ve finally decided on this one. Going to Paris is catchy and upbeat and makes you feel like you’re in a tropical climate no matter the weather outside. Their music sounds a lot like Vampire Weekend and in many ways the bands aren’t too dissimilar. Head over to their Bandcamp site for more music.