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Josh Pyke feat. Elena Stone - Endless Summer (Cover)

An endless summer would be pretty special - especially armed with a giant acoustic guitar tinny. But I think the rendition of Endless Summer deserves greater precedence than a guitar boat or a hypothetically prolonged season.

Recorded for Triple J only a handful of days ago, Josh Pyke & Elena Stone take on a song from fellow Sydneysiders The Jezebels armed with an acoustic guitar and accordian. The duo manage to craft sweet, memorable music with instant affective quality.

This is the kind of song you could listen to at the end of a fun day as the sun setting in your car’s rearview mirror. Or not. That’s just my interpretation of the setting evoked by the harmonies and the lamentations in this timeless tune. Another setting you may conjure when listening to this could be Josh Pyke’s radical powerboat. Either way, I hope you enjoy the music.